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Happy Paws Doggy Daycare

Your pet’s home away from home
Happy Paws Doggy Daycare is a loving doggy Daycare facility, where all smaller dog breeds are welcomed for a fun-filled and interactive stay!
Happy Paws Doggy Daycare is situated in Sunningdale, Umhlanga and is run by Clive and his fiancé, Saskia, from their beautiful home premises. The couple are avid animal lovers and have been surrounded by beloved fur kids since their childhoods. The pair have tons of experience with animals, and so much love to give to all the furry companions that come to their day care.

At Happy Paws Doggy Daycare, we know that every dog is special and means the absolute world to their owners, therefore we offer a place that is safe, loving, caring, fun and healthy to cater for all of your dog’s needs.

Your dogs are treated like they part of our family. Our commitment and mission to you is to provide a safe environment for your pet, where they can socialise with other friendly dogs and be active to burn off that excess energy.

Looking for an Interactive and Fun Doggy Daycare in Durban? Let Us Help!

Don’t leave your dog at home alone, or locked up all day, while you’re at work or running errands. Let our experienced staff cater to all your furkids’ needs, and you can enjoy the peace of mind that they are in good hands and in a fun and interactive environment.

Dogs are social animals and love to interact with other dogs. Many behavioural problems come from boredom, and unspent pent up energy, that dogs feel when left alone for an entire day.

For our little furkids, when we leave the house without them, a few hours to them can feel like forever and they can get very frustrated. At Happy paws Doggy Daycare in Durban, they get to have fun, play, interact with other dogs and, get plenty of exercise.

So don’t leave your little one at home all alone, let them be active and stimulated throughout the day at Happy Paws.

What your fur kid will get from attending daycare:

  • Constant supervision
  • Socializing with other dogs
  • Nap time/quite time
  • One on one interaction
  • Fun games and group play
  • 2 x walks a day
  • swimming (if permitted by owner) pool is netted
  • Birthday specials
  • Updates throughout the day with pics and videos
  • Ball time
  • Ball pits
  • Exercise to burn off energy
  • Daily tickles/massage and brush
  • Snacks and treats provided
  • Treasure hunts to keep your dog’s mind stimulated

Pricing Day Care

Daily Fun – R140 per dog per day (1-2 days per week)

Weekly Fun – R100 per dog per day (3-5 days per week)

Monthly Fun – R90 per dog per day (20-23 days)

We do have ongoing specials please contact for further information.

Birthday specials for your beloved fur kid – 10% off for the whole week that your dog falls in.

20% off all packages/pricing if you bring 2 or more dogs.

Trial day for your fur kid R100

Pricing Overnight Stay

R170 per dog per night

20% off pricing if you bring 2 or more dogs for overnight stay

How we do things…

At Happy Paws Doggy Day Care, we have a zero cage policy as per your usual kennels. Your beloved pet will interact freely in a safe and healthy environment. If staying overnight during the week, they will have a separate room in our home to sleep in at night.

They will also be interacting with the other dogs at day care and keeping active. If staying over weekends your fur kid will be able to do exactly what they do at their home, a home away from home, and we have a precious Maltese of our own so they will always have a friend to keep them busy and have some fun.

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